Leimeko Die Casting

High quality casting for high performance

On the 23rd of January 2009 we started running our new 2000 m² die casting plant after one year of construction.

Latest technology for a high-quality melt

The newly formed central smelter has two Striko Westofen smelting installations each with a melting capacity of 1 ton per hour and a holding capacity of 2 tons. We also have several special tilting furnaces for different alloys with a capacity of 200 kg. The melt is transported to a central impeller station with transfer ladles where it is purified and refined. There, the samples are taken for the spectral analysis, thermal analysis and measurement of the gas density indexAfter checking the quality of the melt, the crucible are driven to the machine by an underground shuttle system.

Leimeko Kokillenguss

The heart of die casting

The heart of the new production hall is a 50 meters long casting line of Kurtz FSC casting machines. This includes our LP sand casting facility and two LP die casting facilities, which are supplied by the central smelter. The melt shuttle system guarantees the exchange of the 750 kg crucible under these three systems in a few minutes. Thereby the casting is only very briefly interrupted and achieves high productivity.

In addition to the FSC casting line we have nine more die casting facilities with their own crucibles. The pot capacity is between 200 kg and 600 kg. Components up to 350 kg can be manufactured there.




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